sweet paradox

June 10, 2010

She gave me a reason a reason to let you out,

just like all hearts, I felt she’d help you sprout,

I knew she’d hold you close and she’d never let you pout,

I grew to trust her, her word I’d never doubt

like a tumour inside me she slowly grew,

but with it came a happiness I never knew,

an unexplainable emotion, a feeling so new….

So I called it trust… its what it was from my point of view,

but like any story, there is always an ending,

but this story has a lot of blanks in the very beginning,

a battle of two hearts that are neither loosing nor winning,

a story so deep with an ending that is pending..



June 10, 2010

And when i saw the genie he never granted me a wish,

little did i know what i had was more precious than the wish,

when i saw her…call it bliss or is it fate?but it was all i wanted my single wish,

a story of two hearts-genesis is what she called it..her story…her wish,

yes i know she is unbelievable but i think, no i know, the deity granted me my wish,

such a sweet sensation the ultimate bliss- the perfect wish,

memories of you are what i need to keep me going,

yet am blinded by a force beyond my understanding but worth knowing,

Pride am sorry but for her…am sure i’ve fallen,

often..no always her thoughts fill my mind making me light as pollen,

only how i wish these moments were real not stolen,

kindly accept this piece of my heart this priceless token,

in all you do..and how you do it…makes me feel taken,

each day i thank the almighty for my heart you stole..for my soul you took and i vow your heart i’ll never saden..

Hello world!

June 10, 2010

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